Artist Statement 

My practice explores the emotional labor and the physicality of the human body through manipulating industrial material in order to reflect the physical and emotional values we endure in our own forms. Each piece draws reference to a queer migration from rural to metropolitan spaces, which cuts into us and ultimately reveals an evolved state of existence. By replicating those “cuts” with the movements of my tools, I am able to unearth qualities of an identity within each material I use. The multiple layers of plywood mirror the multiple layers of our own skin, with as much variety of character found from piece to piece as we find from person to person. I have found that I can explore identity through a complex, industrially-produced material layered with ‘content’ from its natural, organic source. Each piece of plywood is not completely changed in the manufacturing process but rather edited. No two panels are truly alike. Each surface has a vocabulary of knots,grains,textures, hues, growth rings, organic networks of fine lines and whirls- and manufacturing defects. I observe layers of plywood as unfamiliar terrain to be discovered and annotated. My work serves to express overall feelings of tension, vulnerability, pain and balance


Group Shows

GeorgeBrown College event, Artscape Young place, February 13, 2016, Toronto, ON

Festivalof the body, OCAD University, March 1-15, 2018, Toronto, ON

InFlux, Ada sleight gallery, March 6-10, 2018, Toronto, ON

Conqueringme, OCAD University, March 14-30, 2018, Toronto, ON

2 Hot2Hang, June 16th pop up ,122 John St. Toronto, ON

Veinsof existence: Beyond survival, Xspace culture center June 29th-July 28th, TorontoON

ArtToronto, OCAD booth, October 26th-29th, Toronto, On

Whythe@#&! Do you Paint, Gladstone, October 30th - December 2nd, 2018,Toronto, ON

ExperiencingPerspectives, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, November 17,2018- November 17,2019,Toronto, ON


Bigdraw, OCAD Universities annual fundraiser, SOLD piece proceeds to Drawing and Paintingprogram, Toronto, ON


Praxis,pg. 102, 2018

MercedesBenz Experiencing perspectives, Pg. 201, 2018  


Mrs. W. O. Forsyth Award, 2018


OCAD Drawing and Painting, BFA, 2018